There are so many artists out there creating wonderful (and not so wonderful) final products. How do you chose who to trust with your special project or even the most important events of your life? If it's a wedding, chances are you probably haven't planned something this big and important before, and there are many vendors quoting you crazy prices and you see your budget getting smaller and smaller. The pressure to book is on as your date gets closer, and your head is spinning. What do you do?

While we can't speak for others in this industry, we can certainly give you good reason to trust us and hopefully help you look for the right things when selecting your photographer, designer, videographer, or any other vendor you might need!

Here are a few things you should know about us....


We are small, for a reason.

While we book photo and video shoots and design projects all year, we are a boutique studio, which means we take a limited number of weddings and large events per year. This is different from a factory studio which takes on as many clients as they can possibly book. While they may have a large staff to accommodate for this, the final quality of the photo, video, or invitation can often be lower (not always). Since we take a limited number of weddings, we are really able to try to give each couple the time and attention they deserve, both on the day of your event, and in the processing after. We also try to build relationships with our clients so we are all more relaxed in front of the camera and are more likely to show genuine emotions. 

Did you know a lot of the "bigger guys" outsource their editing? All our design work is custom, and we edit all photos and videos ourselves, giving it a personal touch. We try to be priced competitively, but you might find in some cases we charge a bit more than other studios because of the personal relationship and attention to detail. We have the experience to have five star ratings. Be wary of a photographer or videographer that charges less than everyone else. Sometimes they are just starting out and need to build their portfolio, which is fine, and they might be great at what they do, but lack of experience can come with a whole list of issues while they are on their learning curve. If they are a giant studio and outsource their editing, your final result may not have the special touches because they weren't there that day to know what exactly was special. If it sounds too good to be true, there might be a reason for that. 

We also have actual client reviews and are more than happy to give you references upon request! Your photographer or videographer does not need to have all of that, but those are things to search for when looking.

We back up our work, both personally and electronically. 

Not only do we value integrity and stand by our word and our quality of work, we also back up our files, regularly. We recently heard a statistic that not only do hard drives have a lifespan of a few years, but one out of three hard drives FAIL! That’s why we never ever trust putting all our wedding or event files on JUST a hard drive alone. We always back them up several times, and keep them in different locations. What if there is a fire? Break in? You can never be too careful! We have multiple cameras with dual card slots. Anything can happen to a card, it can go corrupt, you can lose it, or the card itself can fail. That’s why the highest end cameras have dual card slots that record the images on both cards just in case.

We don't take sick days, ever.

We have helped plan or shot photo or video for many weddings since 2008 and have never missed one yet *knock on wood.* But we have worked with a popped out rib, sprained wrists, and food poisoning. There should be a plan in place just in case one of your vendors is sick. For us, it's easy! Since we always work as a pair, the other will just take the lead, and if necessary, we have partners, assistants, and a network of other photographers or videographers who we trust and can reach out to, as well.


While those are just a few reasons why you can trust your big events to us, we'll let you decide. Drop us a line, and let's chat about your special day :)