New Year, New KAZ & MAK!

Happy New Year! How did 2015 come around so fast?! I feel like I just got used to writing 2014, and suddenly we are thrown into a brand new bright and shiny year filled with excitement and promise! Can you believe we are now actually closer to 2020 than 2010? How about that for some perspective?! 

First things first: welcome to our *new* website!

Many of our awesome friends and family have known about MAK Creative for some time, and we are happy to announce that with your love and support we are now able to expand and officially launch KAZ & MAK Creative! Yes, KAZ is formally joining the creative team! So a big THANK YOU is in order to all those loyal people who have helped to make this possible. 2015 is going to be a huge year for us, and we couldn't be more excited! 

"What's in store for the two-oh-one-five?" you might ask. Well, we can answer that with one crazy, abstract underlying theme: CREATIVITY. I mean did you expect us to say anything else? ;) This year we will expand our horizons and venture out and do some things we have never done. We will help others explore their creative sides and help imaginative ideas come to fruition. At the end of the year we will have set ourselves up for an even bigger and better 2016!!

Want to be a part of this adventure? Join the fun just by doing what you have always done - sit back and show your love and support, and good things will come to all! We are truly blessed to have some of the best people in our corner and we are taking you all along for the ride of 2015. We cant wait. What about you?!